Fiction with a focus on the martial arts.

My novels explore the world of violent action and how people navigate the challenge of conduct, ordeal and courage. I’ve got decades of experience training in a number of martial arts and, as you might imagine, have some pretty firm opinions on the subject…

I’m talking about the martial arts as more than just sport. My books focus on elite martial arts training–something both akin to and beyond the world of mixed martial arts– and the lessons it can provide. There’s no shortage of popular depictions of the martial arts–everything from Enter the Dragon, to Kill Bill, to the Matrix, and the Seven Samurai. And no shortage of novels that contain martial arts elements as well.

What set’s my work apart is the fact that I’ve been training in martial arts for more than 30 years. I have an insider’s knowledge of violent action and my novels explore how a life walking the martial path shapes you for better and worse.


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