The Qi Eaters

qi eaters

The Qi Eaters is a fast paced paranormal thriller that adds a new take on old legends. It’s also a story of discovery, in which a young woman, Sharon Kao, confronts her own doubts as well as a troublesome past, and emerges stronger for it. Finally, it’s the story of the investigation of a series of unsolved homicides that leads to the unraveling of a mysterious Chinese legend and its true meaning.

The basic premise to The Qi Eaters is simple. What if Chinese folktales tales about jiangshi, the undead, are true? What if your immigrant father was right?  And what if the monstrous creature in the stories not only existed here and now, but had you in its sights?

Old Chinese folktales about jiangshi, the undead, may not be true, but they are real nonetheless: the jiangshi still walk among us.. The ancient Daoist masters of China practiced arcane rituals to concentrate qi—the life force that pervades the universe. This dark obsession has survived to the present day and spawned a secret cult whose members select young victims for a gruesome end at the hands of the Daoist masters, the Qi Eaters. And Sharon Kao is their next victim.