Wave Man Sequel

I’ve had some good reader response to Wave Man, the anti-Burke (darkburke?) thriller I published as an e-book some time ago. I have to confess that I worked hard on the book and was puzzled at how little traction I got from potential publishers. But it’s nice to hear from readers who enjoyed it and wonder if there will be more Oso Moreno in the future. I did actually begin work on a sequel some time ago and for New Years 2019 have dusted it off. I’m wondering what readers think about the potential for the Wave Man sequel. I’m still working on the next burkebook, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up.



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  1. i just saw Wave Man on Amazon. I read your post and had to look into it. I am a student of Daito Ryu and I love your work. This will be a “must read” for me! Thank you!

  2. Scott Brady says:

    Please, please, please write a sequel. It was awesome!!!

  3. Scott Masterton says:

    I’m in John. Enjoyed it very much and looking forward to more of your work.

  4. Brian says:

    definitely want to see a Wave Man sequel

  5. Ryan says:

    I’d definitely read a sequel! If you have time, I’d also be interested in reading your thoughts about publishing. Not that I’m a writer, just curious about where the publisher can help and where they are just another hurdle.

    1. johndonohue says:

      Hi Ryan
      Publishers are both a blessing and a curse
      On the positive side they have a good fix on the market and what people are looking for in a book. They also provide editorial and marketing services that can be a big help.
      The downside is related to the first item—because they are very market focused, they might pass on a really good book simply because it’s not easy to categorize and sell.
      I’ve been fortunate working w YMAA—they get the martial arts world and have provided me w great editorial and marketing support

  6. Derek Ray says:

    I really enjoyed the first one and would definitely read a sequel. I can’t wait for Keppan either.

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